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FDNY Tips for Effective Study Habits

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You should approach studying as an enjoyable opportunity to learn. Be positive in knowing that the time you put in will directly correlate to the success you will achieve. Remind yourself of how far you have come and always keep your goal to become a Firefighter in sight. Don't make comparisons. Everyone learns at his or her own pace and some easier than others. Don't let that affect your psyche.

Finding the Right Spot

You must find a conducive place to study. Ensure that your place is quiet and has sufficient light with minimal distractions in the background. However, you may not have a choice; make your study environment as effective as possible.

Don't Just Memorize

Understand and learn the principal rationale about the material rather than just memorizing it. Utilize memory devices. Acronyms are abbreviations for remembering pieces of information using a simple association of common words. The first letter of each word can stand for something else. The memory device of this new phrase has to be more memorable than the information you are trying to learn.

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Video Series Links:

Intro: Attention all candidates
While at the FDNY Training Academy you'll undergo 18 weeks of intensive work, Your overall grade in the Academy will be 50 percent based on in-class exams and academics, and 50 percent on your physical fitness performance and test scores.

Probationary Firefighter School
This first section will introduce you to the academic and physical requirements of Probie School; the mentorship program; the importance of team concept; time management; and what will be expected of you when you enter the Academy.

How to read an FDNY Document (tips to read effectively)
This section will focus on reading the written materials you'll be responsible for, and techniques to improve retention and knowledge.

Effective study habits
Proper studying habits are key to absorbing, understanding and retaining information. This chapter will explain study techniques; when and where to study; how to study; and how to learn difficult facts, equations and numbers.

How to perform better on FDNY exams
This chapter will address test taking skills & techniques.

An overview of physical fitness standards
This chapter will explain Academy fitness standards and training techniques.

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)
This chapter will explain the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and what is required to pass this test.

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