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Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan for Occupancies with Two Way Voice Capabilities but Are Not Required to File an EAP


Instructions for Fire Safety Plan

  1. Instructions - Appendix A-4: Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan
  2. Instructions - Appendix B-4: Building Information Card (BIC)

Fire Safety Plan Fillable Sections. Fill Out All Sections Below Completely.

  1. Appendix A-4 - Fire Safety Plan Non-Transient (NT)
  2. Appendix A-4 - Attachment 1: Fire Safety Director Designation (NT/T)
  3. Appendix A-4 - Attachment 2: Deputy Fire Safety Director Designation (NT/T)
  4. Appendix A-4 - Attachment 3: Building Evacuation Staff Designation (NT)
  5. Appendix A-4 - Table 1: Fire Safety Brigade Members (NT/T)
  6. Appendix A-4 - Combined Table 2: Number of Bldg Occupants, Fire Safety In-Building Relocation Areas & Routes (NT/T)
  7. Appendix A-4 - Table 3: Fire Safety Wardens (NT)
  8. Appendix A-4 - Table 4: Deputy Fire Safety Wardens (NT)
  9. Appendix A-4 - Table 4a: Fire Safety Searchers (NT)
  10. Appendix B-4
    1. Side 1: Text of Building Information Card (NT/T)
    2. Side 2: SAMPLE Elevation Cross Section of Building Information card (NT/T)
  11. Appendix C-4: Staffing Chart (NT/T) (To Be Posted as Section 11)
  12. Appendix D: Building Profile (NT/T)


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