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NewFee Change Information
Recent legislation has amended the New York City Fire Code to expand the exemption from fees for Fire Department permits, inspections, and witnessing of required system performance tests, which are associated with FDNY services performed on or after February 4, 2014. This legislation does not exempt applicable fees incurred prior to February 4, 2014. To learn more, click here.

Business Owner's Bill of Rights
The FDNY encourages business owners to view the Business Owner's Bill of Rights. The rights include consistent enforcement of agency rules, fair inspections and great customer service.
Read the Business Owner's Bill of Rights

FDNY Makes 25 Bureau of Fire Prevention (FDNY) Inspection Requests Available Through 311 Online Effective Immediately
311 Online is now accepting requests for 25 Bureau of Fire Prevention inspections. To learn more, click here

Inspection/Test request form for Rangehood (Non-NBAT), Suppression Systems and Gasoline Station Discharge Lines
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Rangehood - Deep-fat Fryers High Limit Controls
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Office of Technology Management: (Engineering, Fire Alarm Variances, Plan Examination, Certificate of Approval)
Publishing of: Bulletins, Documents, Forms, Listing of Certificate of Approval Control Panel Approvals with Manufacturers, Professional Certification, Variance, Plan Examination " and AS-Built Drawings" Procedures, Applications, Submissions and Information.
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About The Fire Alarm Inspection Unit
The Fire alarm inspection unit ensures the safe and lawful use of over 975,000 buildings and properties by enforcing the City’s Building Code, Electrical Code and Fire Code related to Fire Alarm System. Click here for more info

New Plan/ Equipment Filing Requirements became effective July 1, 2008
The new Fire Code requires the filing of plans and equipment with new fees for examinations of documents including Fire Safety Plans, EAP, Rangehood and other hazardous installations.
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Rangehood Plan Review
Design & Installation Document Review (Technology Management)
Certificate of Approval
Professional Certification Pursuant to FC 104.2

The Industry Advisory Board
The purpose of I.A.B. is to address the broad based concerns of the Bureau of Fire Prevention and its clients. It consists of various committees and subcommittees as necessary to facilitate communications between the Bureau of Fire Prevention and Industry. Click here for more info

Non-Sequential Floor Numbering Filing (FDNY)
Owners of residential buildings, over 150 feet, that use non-sequential or non-standard floor numbering are required to notify the FDNY Click here for more info

Fire Prevention Documents/Forms
The Fire Department's Bureau of Fire Prevention has published forms to allow the public greater access to their services. Click here for more info

Certificate of Fitness
The Fire Department of the City of New York issues Certificates of Fitness for various occupations by providing tests to applicants. Certificates of Fitness is required by laws and regulations to conduct certain businesses within the New York City for hazardous occupations. Click here for more info

Emergency Planning and Preparedness
Emergency Planning and Preparedness is the title of chapter 4 in the Fire Code. It currently includes Fire Safety & Evacuation Plans for several types of commercial occupancies as well as Emergency Action Plans for Office Buildings and Fire Safety Guides & Notices for residential properties.

The Emergency Planning and Preparedness Group: are members of the Bureau of Fire Prevention, who’s role is the review and acceptance of the various emergency preparedness plans that are required under the FC. We have developed this webpage to offer guidance and assistance with the preparation of Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans, Emergency Action Plans & Fire Protection plans. This site will be updated regularly with information that can be useful in preparing the plan.

NewEmergency Planning and Preparedness Video Tutorials
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Plan Examination Application Form TM-1: to accompany all plan submittals

  • Comprehensive (combined) Fire Safety/ Emergency Action Plan (FS/EAP)
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  • Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans
    click here
  • Fire Protection Plans
    click here
  • Residential Fire Safety Guides & Notices
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Building Vacate List
The New York City Fire Department Building Vacate List are buildings or portions of buildings deemed to be an immediate threat to life. The listing is generated each week and includes buildings that were vacated the previous week. As vacate rescindments occur the building is removed from the list. For information regarding this list, please contact the Field Public Communication Unit, Bureau of Fire Prevention at 718-999-2522 or 718-999-2533. View List


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