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Certificate Of Registration For Filing Processors (Expeditors)

There are 2 Applications - 1 for the Principal and other is for Employees. To obtain the application and learn of possible legal exemptions:

Application for Principal

Application for Employee

Individuals simply dropping off submissions off at FDNY Headquarters do not require the Certificate of Registration.

Applications are being reviewed and individuals will be notified shortly.


NOTE 1: Employer's must be recognized before employees are submitted. Employers and Employees should complete separate applications.

NOTE 2: The term appearing on Section A of the application "Agent for Receipt of Process" means that if your business is located outside of NYC, you must provide an address that is authorized to receive legal papers. It can be relative, friend, business within NYC, etc. This does not mean that you must live or reside in NYC. PO Boxes are not acceptable"

NOTE 3: If the principal is exempt from obtaining the Expeditor's Certificate (as listed on the application), the employee must include proof of the employer's exemption while submitting the Employee's form. Exempted individuals (as listed on the application) can also apply for a Expeditor's Certificate.

For further questions, you can write to PUBCERT@FDNY.NYC.GOV or call 718-999-1988.


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