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Comprehensive (combined) Fire Safety / Emergency Action Plan - 3 RCNY 404-01 & 02

Welcome to the FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention web page for Comprehensive FS/EAP. This plan replaces the two separate (FSP & EAP) plans currently in place. The new Comprehensive plan is to be used effective August 1st, 2011 for all new or amended Fire Safety Plans & Emergency Action Plans for office occupancies.

Comprehensive (combined) Fire Safety / Emergency Action Plan Preparation and Submittal Documents

Important Information about Fire Prevention PDF Forms – Our Bureau of Fire Prevention forms are feature rich Acrobat/Reader PDF forms that allow for ease of completion. In certain instances where the form may not load in your browser, the form can alternatively be downloaded. For Internet Explorer users, right click the form link and select SAVE TARGET AS. For Firefox or Google Chrome users, right click  the form link and select SAVE LINK AS. Once downloaded the form can be completed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available at:

Instructions :

  1. A. Instructions - Appendix A-2: Comprehensive FS/EAP
  2. B. Instructions - Appendix B-2: Building Information Card (BIC)


  1. Appendix A-2: Comprehensive FS/EP/EAP
  2. Appendix A-2 Attachment 1: FS/EAP Director Designation
  3. Appendix A-2 Attachment 2: FS/EAP Deputy Director Designation
  4. Appendix A-2 Attachment 3: Building Evacuation Staff Designation
  5. Appendix A-2 Table 1: FS/EAP Wardens
  6. Appendix A-2 Table 2: FS/EAP Deputy Wardens
  7. Appendix A-2 Table 2A: FS/EAP Searchers
  8. Appendix A-2 Table 3: FS/EAP Brigade
  9. Appendix A-2 Table 4: Building Personnel Critical Operations Staff
  10. Appendix A-2 Table 5: Office Employee Critical Operations Staff
  11. Appendix A-2 Combined Table 6: FS In-Building Relocation Area and Occupancy
  12. Appendix A-2 Table 7: Building Components & Functions
  13. Appendix A-2 Table 8: EAP In-Building Relocation Area
  14. Appendix A-2 Table 9: EAP Evacuation Routes
  15. Appendix A-2 Table 10: EAP Outside Assembly Areas
  16. Appendix B-2
    1. Side 1: Text of Building Information Card
    2. Side 2: SAMPLE Elevation Cross Section of Building Information Card (BIC)
  17. Appendix C-2: FS/EAP Staffing Chart
  18. Appendix D: Building Profile

Industry Notices

The Emergency Planning and Preparedness Group issued the following Industry Notices. They are necessary to notify industry of changes that affect the processing of Emergency Preparedness Plans. Additional notices will be posted as deemed necessary.

An archive was created to house all the EAP Industry Notices issued prior to the new Comprehensive (combined) FS/EAP.



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