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The First Line Supervisors Training Program (FLSTP) is a four week (160 hour) management/supervisory course mandated by New York State law. To be eligible the officer must be a member of a paid fire department, who has been promoted on or after April 1, 1985 as the result of a civil service exam.

classroom trainingThe program includes classes in educational methodology, classes to improve analytic and problem solving skills, personnel management, firefighting strategy and tactics, building construction and collapse, arson awareness and recognition, Haz Mat first responder operations, incident command system use and administrative procedures. This program also has field exercises in SCBA use, extrication, forcible entry and search procedures. The curriculum conforms substantially to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards 1021, 1041 and 1500. During the calendar year 1996, 153 FDNY Lieutenants and 89 first line officers from other New York State municipalities were trained. In addition,54 members of the Fire Academy teaching staff were trained in Educational Methodology.

A first line officer completing this program receives certification in Educational Methodology, Fire Behavior and Arson Awareness, Fire Cause and Origin Determination, Haz Mat First Responder Operations, Fire Instructor Level 1, and Fire Officer Level 1. These certifications are issued by the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control. Additionally, non-New York City officers receive certification in the Fire Reporting System by New York State. Graduates of the program also receive certifications in Building Construction from the National Fire Academy, and FEMA.

The State Regents PONSI program has approved FLSTP for the following credits: three semester hours in Supervision/Administration; two semester hours in Educational methodology; two semester hours in Fire Tactics and Strategies; and one semester hour in Hazardous Materials. SUNY Empire State College has approved FLSTP for the following credits: two semester hours in Supervision/ Administration; three semester hours in Educational Methodology, two semester hours in Fire Tactics and Strategies; and two semester hours in Fire Behavior: Cause and Origin.


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