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FDNY Counseling Services UnitCSU Literature
The CSU has produced and distributed a variety of publications to help families, individuals, and children cope with the stresses of life in these uncertain times.

Health Connections
Since 9/11, firehouses and EMS stations have been flooded with fliers, posters, and memos offering help and condolences. With so much paper packing the mailboxes it’s easy for important information to get lost. To counteract this, BHS distributes Health Connections, a bi-weekly newsletter directed to all active duty fire personnel and EMS workers. The CSU contributes articles to every issue. Topics include communication skills, holiday stress, depression, and children’s issues. View Health Connections Newsletter

The Link is a bi-weekly newsletter addressing the specific needs of those Department families who lost loved ones in the WTC. Topics include coping methods, communication skills, and personal wellness in addition to informative articles on CSU groups, activities, and programs. View theLink Newsletter.

Helping America Cope
As important as communication between FDNY couples, friends, and employees is, it is doubly important between FDNY parents and children. Many of us were understandably baffled at how to explain the events of 9/11 to our children and Helping America Cope has been tremendously successful at providing families a blueprint for communication. This hands-on activity book is designed to be shared between parents and children and has won nation-wide recognition, being displayed on the floor of the United States Senate as an example of effective outreach. Helping America Cope is available on-line and a hard copy may be obtained by calling 212-570-1693. View Helping America Cope

The New Normal
Since 9/11 life in the Department has come under intense scrutiny from groups ranging from the press to the tourists. Living under so much attention, while still adjusting to both the dramatic and minute changes of life post-9/11, can be difficult. The New Normal examines the native elements of firehouse culture that reduce emotional damage, identifies personal characteristics that best help emergency workers, and discusses the challenges facing uniformed personnel in New York City as they continue the process of rebuilding their lives. Please call 212-570-1693 to obtain a copy.

When the Alarm Sounds
When the Alarm Sounds, a twenty-five minute, non-fiction video, is a moving and persuasive tribute to not only the valor of New York City’s firefighters, but to their determination to rise above the anguish from 9/11 that, left unchecked, could drown them. Featuring testimonials from respected uniformed personnel including Chiefs Pete Hayden, Joe Pfeifer, and Ron Spadafora, it encourages Department personnel to find peace and acceptance and to seek help without shame if they need it. A copy of the video was delivered to every firehouse and additional copies can be obtained by calling 212-570-1693.

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