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New York City Fire Department Rules / Proposed Rulemaking Comment Form

Comments may be submitted to the Fire Department on proposed rules using this comment form.

Please complete the entire form. Be sure to include the proposed rule section(s) on which you
are commenting. Including your contact information will enable us to contact you if we have
any questions about your comment. There is a 500 word limit.

The Fire Department will not respond to your comments on a proposed rule but will consider
each comment before promulgating a final rule.

Thank you for your interest in the development of Fire Department rules.

I wish to submit the following comment on a proposed Fire Department rule:

1. My Name Is:

     I represent:

     Email address:

     Telephone Number:


2. Number and title of
     proposed rule:

3. Section of rule:



4. Comment: (Suggestion: Be as specific as possible. Explain the reason for your comment
    and propose alternative provisions or language):






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