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Title 3 of the
Rules of the City of New York



RCNY Section:

3 RCNY §6-02   (PDF)acrobat pdf logo

Title of Final Rule:

Office Building Emergency Action Plans

Summary of Final Rule:

Local Law 26 of 2004 required that the Fire Commissioner adopt standards, procedures and requirements for the orderly evacuation of occupants from any office building, including evacuation of persons necessitated by explosion, biological, chemical or hazardous material incidents or releases, natural disasters or other emergency, or the threat thereof.

The final rule requires that each office building subject to the requirements of the rule prepare an Emergency Action Plan, submit it for Fire Department review and acceptance, and implement it within designated time frames.

The final rule requires that owners of office buildings develop procedures for sheltering in place, in-building relocation, partial evacuation and full evacuation of the building, in response to various emergency scenarios. The final rule sets forth specific guidelines and requirements for the form and content of the Emergency Action Plan.

The final rule requires the designation of an Fire Safety/EAP Director to be authorized to implement the Emergency Action Plan.

On April 6, 2005 the Department held a public hearing on the proposed rule. The final rule that is being promulgated responds to public comments in various respects, as set forth in the Statement of Basis and Purpose.

City Record Publication Date of Final Rule:


Effective Date of Final Rule:


Text of Final Rule:

Notice of Promulgation, Final Rule, and Statement
of Basis and Purpose
   (PDF)acrobat pdf logo

Forms Included in Rule:

Appendix A (Emergency Action Plan Format)
Appendix A-Attachment 1 (EAP Staff Designation Form)

Appendix A-Attachment 2 (Critical Ops Staff Designation Form)
Appendix B-Page 1 (Building Information Card)
Appendix B-Page 2 (Building Information Card)
Appendix C (EAP Staffing Chart)

Instructions for preparation of Emergency Action Plan:

Instructions for Preparation and Submission of Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for Office Buildings

Appendix A, Attachment 1, Table 1
(Fire Safety/EAP Warden Designation Form)

Appendix A, Attachment 1, Table 2
(Deputy Fire Safety/EAP Warden Designation Form)

Appendix A, Attachment 1, Table 3
(Fire Safety/EAP Brigade Member Designation Form)

Appendix A, Attachment 2, Table 4
(Building Personnel Critical Operation Staff Designation Form)

Appendix A, Attachment 2, Table 5
(Office Employees Critical Operation Staff Designation Form)

Appendix A, Table 6 (Number of Building Occupants Form)

Appendix A, Table 7 (Building Components/Communication Form)

Appendix A, Table 8 (In-building Relocation Areas Form)

Appendix A, Table 9 (Specific Evacuation Requirements Form)

Appendix A, Table 10 (Assembly Areas Form)

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