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Title 3 of the
Rules of the City of New York



RCNY Section:

3 RCNY §109-02   (PDF)acrobat pdf logo

Title of Final Rule:

"Consolidation of Administrative Code Provisions For Enforcement Purposes"

Summary of Final Rule:

The Fire Department has repealed Fire Department rule
3 RCNY §16-03 and promulgated a new, amended version of the rule that consolidates for enforcement purposes the Administrative Code provisions enforced by the Fire Department, and rules promulgated thereunder.

This action has been taken in connection with the enactment of a new Fire Code for New York City, effective July 1, 2008.  The Fire Department plans to repeal and repromulgate all of its existing rules, which will be renumbered to parallel the new Fire Code sections, revised to conform to the terminology of the new Fire Code, and, as necessary, revised to amend or clarify various requirements.

The new rule, §109-02, and the violation categories it establishes, apply to ECB Notices of Violation issued by the Fire Department with a date of occurrence on or after July 1, 2008, the effective date of the new Fire Code. 

Section 109-02 largely retains the organization of the repealed §16-03.  In addition to renumbering the rule (to correlate with Section 109 of the new Fire Code, entitled “Violations”), §109-02 re-names the violation categories (formerly referred to as “rules”), clarifies their scope, and substitutes the section numbers of the new Fire Code for the Fire Prevention Code sections that are consolidated in Section 16-03.

Public Hearing Date:


City Record Publication Date of Final Rule:


Effective Date of Final Rule:


Text of Final Rule:

Notice of Promulgation, Final Rules, Statement of Basis and Purpose and Statement of Substantial Need for Early Implementation


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