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Members of Engine 243 and Ladder 149 operate at an auto extrication, Brooklyn Box 8621, Belt Parkway/Bay 8th Street, August 7, 2014.

Members of Engine 243 and Ladder 149 operate at an auto extrication, Brooklyn Box 8621, Belt Parkway/Bay 8th Street, August 7, 2014.
photo by Battalion Chief James A. Boylan, Battalion 42

The 3rd/2014 issue of WNYF is around on final approval. Expected distribution is in September/October.

Featured articles and the authors in the 3rd/2014 issue include:

  1. FDNY Rescues Staten Island Worker Down a Shaft, by Firefighter Daniel A. Baron
  2. Not Your Typical 10-24 (Auto Fire), by Lieutenant Michael N. Ciampo
  3. Complex Operations in Low-Rise, Fireproof Multiple Dwellings, by Captain Michael Barvels
  4. Staten Island Box 1194: FDNY Handles Damaged Haz-Mat Container on Docked Cargo Ship, by Battalion Chief John A. Calderone
  5. Bronx Hunts Point Market Four-Alarm Fire No Match for FDNY Members, by Battalion Chief Gennaro W. Bonfiglio
  6. The Command Channel (sidebar to above), by Deputy Assistant Chief James D. Daly, Jr.
  7. Tricks of the Trade column, Window Bars, Part I, by Captain Michael Doda and Lieutenant Thomas M. Carrera
  8. Mill Structures—Their Features and Firefighting Operations, Part II, by Assistant Chief Ronald R. Spadafora
  9. The Trident Multi-Point Exit Lock, by Firefighter Michael J. Gardella, III,
  10. The FDNY Honor Legion, by Lieutenant Paul Mastronardi
  11. Smart Venting Using the SA Cycle, by Lieutenant Robert J. Brown
  12. Safety First column, Firefighter Rehabilitation, by Assistant Chief Stephen Raynis, Chief of Safety
  13. New KME Pumpers for FDNY, by Battalion Chief John A. Calderone

Here are some of the articles we're working on for the 4th/2014 issue of WNYF:

  1. Gas Explosion and Collapse at Manhattan Box 55-1406, by multiple authors, including Chief of Operations James E. Esposito, Brooklyn Borough Commander and Deputy Assistant Chief James Leonard, Deputy Chief Anthony DeVita and Battalion Chiefs Dean Koester and Stephen Geraghty and Captains Steve Berube and Rex Morris
  2. Precipitators, by Battalion Chief Mark Foris
  3. Use and Occupancy of Buildings, by Deputy Assistant Chief Joseph M. Woznica
  4. Fitness, by Firefighter Edwin Dowling
  5. New Class K Extinguishers, by Lieutenants Ron Corsale and Christopher Fallon
  6. Tricks of the Trade column, Stainless Steel Window Coverings, by Captain Michael Doda
  7. The Rails of New York City, by Deputy Chief Paul Cresci
  8. Trench Job in Queens, by Battalion Chief Richard Portello, Deputy Chief Daniel Browne and Captain James Kiesling
  9. Qualities of a Good Chief's Aide, by Firefighter Lee Morris

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For editorial matters, contact the WNYF Editor at (718) 999-1455.


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