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WNYF: With New York Firefighters

Bronx Box 44-3515, 2860 Valentine Avenue/East 198th Street, October 27, 2013.

Bronx Box 44-3515, 2860 Valentine Avenue/East 198th Street, October 27, 2013.
photo by Manhattan Dispatcher Herb Eysser (retired)

WNYF 3rd/2013 issue has been distributed.

Featured articles and the authors in the 3rd/2013 issue include:

  1. The Construction Site Fire Safety Manager, by Firefighter Hank Molle (retired)
  2. Odd Job--Child Caught in a Roll-Down Gate, by Battalion Chief Richard Portello
  3. The Role of the IMT During Hurricane Sandy, by Battalion Chief James Kane and Captain Steven Berube
  4. Fire Prevention Matters column, FDNY Operations at Rooftop Protective Barriers, by Lieutenant Al Trinidad (retired)
  5. Causal Factors in the 62 Watts Street Fire: Opportunities to Improve Firefighting Knowledge and Tactics, Part II, by Battalion Chiefs Edward McDonald (retired) and Daniel Melia
  6. Remember the Fallen: The 9/11 Tribute Center, by Deputy Chief Richard Fuerch (retired)
  7. Tricks of the Trade column, Make Hose Stretching Easier Retrofit a Tire Rim, by Captain Michael Doda and Lieutenant Thomas McBreen
  8. Handling a Suspicious Package, by Deputy Assistant Chief Joseph M. Woznica

Here are some of the articles we're working on for the 1st/2014 issue of WNYF:

  1. Gasoline-Powered Tools and Ethanol-Blended Gasoline: What You Need to Know, by Firefighter William Staudt
  2. 2:1 Mechanical Advantage, by Captain Andrew Serra
  3. Use and Occupancy of Buildings, by Deputy Assistant Chief Joseph M. Woznica
  4. Runs & Workers 2013
  5. Risk Based Inspection System (RBIS), by Assistant Chief Edward Baggott and Battalion Chiefs Joel Gerardi and Eugene Ditaranto
  6. Tricks of the Trade column, The Shove Tool, by Captain Michael Doda
  7. March 2013 Trench Job at Manhattan Box 33-1233, by Assistant Chief Ronald R. Spadafora, Deputy Chief Daniel Donoghue, Battalion Chief Donald Hayde and FDNY Chaplain, Reverend Stephen Harding
  8. Safety First column, Bowstring Truss Roofs and Snow Loads, by Battalion Chief Dominick DeRubbio and Captain Simon Ressner
  9. Secondary Egress from Multiple Dwellings, by Battalion Chief John Murphy

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For editorial matters, contact the WNYF Editor at (718) 999-1455.


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