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Chief James Scullion Medal

February 23, 1997, 1705 hours
Empire State Building, Manhattan

EMT-D: Robert Amrani

Robert Amrani

EMT-D: Claire Cinque

Claire Cinque

EMT-D: Rafael Cintron

Rafael Cintron

Robert Amrani was appointed to EMS on March 11, 1996. Currently, he works for New York Hospital. Recipient of four pre-hospital saves. Attended the University of Maine. Resides in Manhattan.

Claire Cinque was appointed to EMS on June 19, 1991. Assigned to EMS Division 4. She is the recipient of five pre-hospital save awards. She attended Lehman College. She resides in Maspeth with her daughter, Lisa.

Rafael Cintron was appointed to EMS on August 19, 1985. Assigned to Haz-Mat Operations. He is the recipient of four pre-hospital save awards and numerous commendations. He is certified as a FEMA/EPA Haz-Mat Technician. He resides in Freeport, Long Island, with his fiancée, Zarina, and his four children, Jolie, Erika, Marcos and Nickole.

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One of the major skills taught in EMS training programs is called the "scene survey." Some of the principles of this approach call for a quick assessment of scene safety and a search for additional victims. After Paramedic Grillo, EMT-D Robert Amrani, EMT-D Robert Bentkowski and EMT-D Rafael Cintron arrived, they received a quick overview from the initial crew and began to search the area for other victims. These EMTs and Paramedics, knowing that the potential existed for other victims on the floor, took significant risk and initiative when they split up into groups to conduct these searches of the floor. When the crews reached the exterior of the observation deck, they were confronted by five additional people, who had been shot and were in extremely critical condition. These members encountered what only could be described as a "battle scene." Knowing that their initial resources would be stretched to the limit, they sent for additional Paramedic and EMT crews and began to use their triage skills to sort the victims by the severity of their injuries. The carnage was so severe and spread out that reports of additional victims being located throughout the whole area constantly were being reported to these rescuers. The floor was filled with numerous visitors to the area and many of these visitors were making attempts to quickly leave the floor. These crews had to sort startled visitors from victims, while protecting themselves and their patients from being trampled in the chaos. Throughout the operation, they provided basic and advanced life support care to each of these victims, knowing that the shooter still could be present on the floor, looking for additional victims. Each of these gunshot victims was removed to different hospital trauma centers so that optimum care could be provided. Primarily due to the quick actions and skills of these Emergency Medical Service professionals, only two of the numerous critically injured victims lost their lives. For their initiative, quick thinking and selfless disregard for their own personal safety while performing their assigned duties, Paramedic Guy Grillo, Paramedic Colleen McEvoy-Torres, EMT-D Robert Amrani, EMT-D Robert Bentkowski, EMT-D Rafael Cintron and EMT-D Claire Cinque are awarded the Chief James Scullion Medal for 1997.--EG

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