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Press Releases / 2010 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AUGUST 2, 2010


The Fire Department reduced firefighter staffing on 49 engine companies at 9 a.m. this morning in accordance with the Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) labor contract that calls for the reduction if the overall firefighter absentee rate exceeds 7.5% on an annualized basis.

Firefighter medical leave rates have increased this year and reached 7.52% on Sunday, which allows the Department to reduce firefighter staffing from five to four on the 49 engines – the same staffing level on most engines throughout the city.

Under the UFA contract, of the city’s 194 engine companies, 134 are staffed with four firefighters and 49 are staffed with five – as long as medical leave remains below 7.5%. Another 11 companies are always staffed with five firefighters, regardless of the medical leave numbers. In addition to firefighter staffing, there is a fire officer on every fire engine.

This is the fourth time in the past seven years that the city has decreased engine company staffing due to high firefighter absentee rates.  The Department will again review the medical leave rate on September 1, 2010.


Press Contact: Francis X. Gribbon & Steve Ritea, (FDNY) (718) 999-2056

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