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Press Releases / 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 25, 2009


Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta today announced a new internal policy to curb excessive overtime by limiting the amount of extra hours uniformed personnel can work in non-firefighting assignments.

The new policy limits the amount of “discretionary” – or administrative – overtime that firefighters, fire officers and fire marshals can earn each year. The Department’s new policy sets a limit of 325 total overtime hours annually.

This new directive will not impact public safety and does not apply to contractually obligated or operationally mandated overtime used to fill positions in the field, such as fire unit staffing or overtime granted for working at the scene of an emergency.

“This policy will result in a more equitable distribution of necessary overtime spending for training and administrative functions,” said Commissioner Scoppetta, noting some individuals have recently worked excessive amounts of overtime that should, instead, be made available to a larger pool of employees. The new policy will also save on pension costs as overtime gets factored into pension calculations.

Under the new policy, effective immediately, an Overtime Control Office will be established to monitor overtime earnings in every unit at the Fire Department. A quarterly review will involve assuring individuals are not exceeding the 81.25 hour per quarter cap (325 hours annually).  The office reports directly to Chief of Department Salvatore Cassano, FDNY’s highest-ranking uniformed officer.  Any request to exceed the quarterly 81.25-hour cap must be approved in writing by the Chief of Department.

Press Contact: Francis X. Gribbon & Steve Ritea, (FDNY) (718) 999-2056

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