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Press Releases / 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 9, 2007

Fire Commissioner Scoppetta Announces Release of
FDNY Strategic Plan 2007-2008

Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta announced today the release of the FDNY Strategic Plan for 2007-2008, which outlines the top priorities and initiatives for the New York City Fire Department during the next two years. The comprehensive and innovative plan – the second of its kind in FDNY history -- addresses the needs of a growing and ever-changing city while providing a guideline for future FDNY improvements, as well as policy and operational changes within the Department.

“The Fire Department must strive to improve fire and EMS operations and adapt new procedures to better protect our dedicated members who face different challenges each day,” Commissioner Scoppetta said. “This Plan paves the way to ensure the FDNY is stronger, safer and more capable than it has ever been.”

The Plan focuses on five critical areas:

  1. Improve Emergency Response Operations – includes using advanced technology to enhance communications for improved operations, expanding training for probationary firefighters and developing training initiatives to increase Department’s capability to respond to a disaster
  2. Enhance Heath and Safety of FDNY Members – includes developing treatment plans for members with 9/11-related illnesses and implementing heightened hazard-risk awareness programs
  3. Strengthen Management and Organizational Development – includes increasing senior management training with additional programs for Battalion Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs
  4. Increase Diversity – includes continued firefighter recruitment of minority candidates, developing an EMS recruitment campaign and expanding community programs to highlight FDNY careers
  5. Improve Fire Prevention and Safety Education – includes implementing new safety requirements and evacuation plans for commerical high-rise buildings and integrating fire prevention tips and CPR training with community safety education programs

The Plan was created by the FDNY’s Planning Oversight Committee (POC), which is comprised of uniformed and civilian members. Built upon recommendations in the McKinsey Report, the first Strategic Plan was issued for 2004-2005, and nearly 90 percent of its 100 projects were completed in the two-year cycle.
To view or download the Strategic Plan in full, visit

Press Contact: Francis X. Gribbon & Emily B. Rahimi, (FDNY) (718) 999-2056

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