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Press Releases / 2006 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NOVEMBer 1, 2006


Revision Will Eliminate Duplicate Round of Physical Testing Minority Applicants for
Firefighter Exam at Record High

Department of Citywide Administrative Services Commissioner Martha K. Hirst and Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta today announced that candidates for the upcoming firefighter exam will only take the required physical test once before being appointed to the Fire Department. The City had previously announced that candidates would take the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) after the written exam and then a second time prior to entering the Fire Academy.  Due to the extensive nature of the CPAT and the City’s expectation that 23,000 individuals will file to take the firefighter exam, candidates now will only be required to pass the CPAT once before entering the Fire Academy. This change in the testing procedure will not affect a candidate’s rank on the eligibility list, which is determined by the written exam. Firefighter candidates will continue to be appointed to the Fire Department in list order.

“We believe that to require candidates to go through the entire physical testing process twice before entering the Fire Academy would be unduly burdensome for both candidates and the City,” said Commissioner Hirst. “Administering CPAT once for appointment to the Fire Department will streamline the process without compromising the quality of candidates.”

“We’re confident this change in procedure will ease the burden on candidates during the testing process while allowing adequate time for them to prepare for the rigorous physical test,” said Commissioner Scoppetta. “By taking the test shortly before they begin training, we will ensure that candidates are prepared for the expanded Fire Academy training that they will undergo.” 

The CPAT is a nationally recognized physical exam that was developed by a consortium of fire departments nationwide, including the FDNY and national firefighter unions. The City will offer candidates two orientation sessions and two practice sessions before the actual test session, for a total of up to five scheduled appearances. DCAS will administer CPAT sessions on a regular basis as candidates are called for future Fire Academy classes.

As of today, 22,384 people have applied to take the written multiple-choice test for firefighter scheduled for January 20, 2007. To date, 35.5% of the applicants are minorities, including 15.5% African-American candidates, 17.7% Hispanic candidates, 2.1% Asian candidates and 0.2% Native American candidates. There are 856 female applicants, or 3.8% of the total. The deadline to apply for the exam is this Friday, November 3.  Commissioner Scoppetta and Commissioner Hirst encouraged anyone interested in becoming a firefighter to apply for the exam before the November 3 deadline. For more information on becoming a New York City firefighter, call 311 (212-NEW-YORK if outside the city) or visit

Press Contact: Francis X. Gribbon, FDNY (718) 999-2056

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