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Press Releases / 2006 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 30, 2006


Fire Department to Receive Key to New Durst Organization Communications System – Live Demonstration to Follow

Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta will be presented with the operating key to the Durst repeater system at 4 Times Square, the first of nine buildings to be installed with repeaters, by Douglas and Jonathan Durst, co-Presidents of the Durst Organization.  Chief of Operations Salvatore Cassano will demonstrate the new communications system, which will become part of standard operating procedure at all of the buildings in the Durst portfolio.  Congressman Peter King, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security and Congressman Joseph Crowley, the Democratic Chief Deputy Whip, will also be in attendance.

The Durst repeater will provide the Fire Department with an added layer of communication, enabling the Fire Department commander at the scene to speak directly with fire personnel in every corner of the building, from the sub-basement to the roof, through the use of a key-initiated system in the lobby straight to a firefighter’s individual handie-talkie.  Through the repeater system, the commander can give orders simultaneously to every firefighter in the building, including evacuation orders.

The Durst Organization, through their own private funding, undertook the installation of the repeater system.  The Fire Department will thank the Durst Organization for their commitment to the safety of the lives of their tenants and all first-responders.


Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta; First Deputy Commissioner Frank Cruthers; Chief of Operations Salvatore Cassano; Members of the Durst Organization; Congressman Peter King; Congressman Joe Crowley


Presentation of the key to the Durst Repeater System to the FDNY and Demonstration of Incident Commander Relaying Instructions to Firefighters Inside of Building


4 Times Square, Rear Lobby, entrance on 144 West 43rd Street


Wednesday, May 31, 2006 – 11:00 AM


Press Contact: Francis X. Gribbon / Farrell Sklerov, FDNY (718) 999-2056

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