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Press Releases / 2003 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 4, 2003


Members of US Navy Fighter Attack Squadron 115 to Present
Engine 54,Ladder 4 and Battalion 9
With Squadron Flag and Replica F-18 Superhornet

Members of the US Navy Fighter Attack Squadron 115, along with representatives from Boeing, tomorrow will be at Engine Company 54 / Ladder Company 4/ Battalion 9, “The Pride of Midtown,” to present the firehouse with a squadron flag and a 6-foot replica of an F-18 Superhornet. The squadron was stationed aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf and formed a unique relationship with the members of the firehouse. Members of the squadron, as a tribute to those FDNY members killed on 9-11, placed each name of the members of 54/4/9 on their jets and wore the firehouse patch on their flightsuits while conducting their missions over Iraq. Prior to this event, the two units have only met once before. However, both sides feel that a lasting bond has been forged between the two.


Members and families of fallen firefighters from Engine 54 / Ladder 4 /Battalion 9,
Naval Aviators from the Fighter Attack Squadron 115, Representatives from Boeing


Presentation of Fighter Squadron Flag and Replica F-18 Superhornet to Engine 54 / Ladder 4 / Battalion 9, “The Pride of Midtown”


Engine 54 / Ladder 4 / Battalion 9


Thursday December 4, 2003 – 10:00am



Contact: Francis X. Gribbon / Michael Loughran (FDNY) (718) 999-2056

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