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McKinsey Report / List of Supporting Exhibits

Report Table of Contents

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Exhibit 1

FDNY Participation on Committees and Tasks Forces

Exhibit 2

Fire Operations Command and Control Timeline

Exhibit 3

Fire Operations Staging Timeline

Exhibit 4

Fire and EMS Command Post Locations

Exhibit 5

Examples of Post-Collapse Communications Involving Fire Operations Command and Control

Exhibit 6

Fire Operations Resource Deployment Timeline

Exhibit 7

Fire Apparatus Deployment on September 11

Exhibit 8

Fire Chief Deployment on September 11

Exhibit 9

Examples of Initial Response of Off-Duty Fire Operations Personnel

Exhibit 10

Deployment of Fire Special Operations Units

Exhibit 11

Fire Operations Planning and Logistics Timeline

Exhibit 12

EMS Command and Control Timeline

Exhibit 13

EMS Incident Organization Timeline

Exhibit 14

Initial EMS Organization - Pre-Collapse, 9:59 AM

Exhibit 15

EMS Organization - Post-Collapse, 2:30 PM

Exhibit 16

EMS Operations Chief Deployment to the World Trade Center on September 11

Exhibit 17

EMS Resource Deployment Timeline

Exhibit 18

EMS Planning and Logistics Timeline



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