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Online REgistration / FDNY's Be 911 Compressions Only CPR PROGRAM

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FDNY Be 911 - Compressions Only CPR Program

Thank you for your interest in the FDNY's Be 911 Compressions Only CPR Program! This free 30 minute class will teach you how to save a life. To sign up, enter your information below and pick your preferred location.

Be 911 Compressions Only CPR is a partnership between the FDNY's Mobile CPR Training Unit, the FDNY Foundation, and NYC Service. NYC Service asks New Yorkers to give their blank for good. To schedule a class in your community for groups of 15+, please contact the FDNY's CPR Training Unit at (718) 281-3888.

Please note: The FDNY's Be 911 Compressions Only CPR program does not offer CPR certification at this time, instead our primary goal is to raise awareness of the importance of immediate action in response to sudden cardiac arrest. LEARN CPR-BE 911.

Learn more about CPR.

FDNY's Be 911 Compressions Only CPR Registration
Please note that classes may run from 30-60 minutes depending on class size.

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Toys R Us/Babies R Us (Bronx)
610 Exterior St.

6:30 PM



Church of the Redeemer (Queens)
30-14 Crescent St.

6:00 PM



United Methodist Church FAIR (Queens)
14-54 31st Rd

10 AM to 2 PM



Lefferts Public Library (Queens)
130-34 Lefferts Blvd

6:00 PM



Toys R Us/Babies R Us (Queens)
139-15 20th Ave

6:30 PM



NY Queens Library Forest Hills (Queens)
108-19 71st Ave

2:00 PM






Time Selected:

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Please carefully review the entered information and only submit the registration form once. After submitting, print the registration confirmation screen that will contain your reservation information.

You can expect a confirmation email between 9-5 Monday-Friday or the next business day.

Thanks for signing up with FDNY Be 911 Compressions Only CPR!



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