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I have spent the better part of my life, the last 40 years, working to protect the lives and property of the citizens of New York City. I have held every uniformed rank in the FDNY, and working for the in the best Fire Department in the world has been an honor and a blessing. I look forward to this new challenge and I am deeply honored to be the 32nd Fire Commissioner.

My goal as Fire Commissioner is to build upon the extraordinary successes achieved in recent years, and to seek ways to make the agency even stronger. Our top priority is and will continue be the safety of our personnel, and the safety of the public. The best way to keep the public safe from fire is by preventing them from starting in the first place. Preventing fires through a new “risk based” system of conducting inspections will be a big step toward reducing the number of fires in our city, and I look forward to implementing this program citywide next year.

Just eight years ago we were devastated by the Sept. 11th attacks and the loss of 343 members. Drawing strength from our history and with the support of the City, we implemented new initiatives, expanded and introduced new training programs and vastly improved the Department. The proof of that is evident in our city today.

During the last eight years, New York City has had the fewest fire-related deaths on record; we’ve reduced fires to the lowest levels in 50 years; our Fire and EMS response times are the fastest ever before; and – especially important to me – firefighter burn injuries have never been lower.

We will also continue to improve the tremendous life-saving pre-hospital emergency medical work done by our EMS personnel and firefighters. Whether utilizing new technology, innovative operational procedures or additional training, we are always looking for ways to save lives.

Thanks to the hard work of all our members, the Department is now the best trained, the best equipped and the best prepared fire department in the world.

With all these achievements and improvements, there has never been a better time to join the FDNY. And even though the Department stands on the cutting edge of technological and management innovation, it remains a place where tradition is cherished and the sacrifices of those who came before us are never forgotten. And it remains a place where a young person of any background, no matter how humble, can build a great career



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