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Explosive strength plays a key role in the successful completion of many crucial fire service tasks. Maximal efforts are frequently required to perform urgent duties such as; forcing doors, moving heavy objects, and evacuating injured people.

Strength Training
Aerobic Fitness

Muscular endurance is also of vital importance, for nearly every fire rescue and suppression-related task requires numerous, not just one, two, or three repetitions. For instance, the operation of a nozzle, pulling of ceilings, ascending stairs, and victim transport all require either continuous muscle use for extended duration or repetitious muscle contraction.

To Improve Strength

To improve your explosive power, you should exercise with relatively high weights and complete very few repetitions (1-5). To improve your muscular endurance, you need to complete a higher numbers of repetitions with lower weights. 25-30 repetitions at a weight that causes you to tire, but, still maintain good form is quite productive.

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