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Abstract graphic of person streatchingFlexibility

Flexibility is something that frequently remains filed away in the back of your mind until you get hurt. Injury brings it rapidly to mind. A lack of flexibility inhibits movement, making some work tasks harder, while preventing the execution of others, and unfortunately, all too often results in muscle, and/or tendon tears. Regaining, and maintaining an adequate level of flexibility is a much easier task to accomplish than you might imagine.

Strength Training
Aerobic Fitness

Good Flexibility

By routinely stretching and attaining a good level of flexibility you can increase the efficiency of your muscles and skeletal lever systems. Improved flexibility develops joint range of motion, which enhances balance, mobility, and coordination. This makes activities like climbing ladders, running up stairs, and entering windows much easier and safer. In general, an overall increase in flexibility can improve work performance and significantly reduce your potential for injury.

To Improve Your Flexibility

By following just a few basic rules, you can improve your flexibility swiftly, and safely, while making it an enjoyable process. As with all training, you should start out slow and easy, and gradually build as you progress. To ensure a proper balance in your development, you should select a variety of stretching exercises that involve all the major muscle groups. The most effective way to stretch, is to relax, and then move slowly, smoothly and gently to the point at which you feel mild tension.

Do not bounce into the stretch, or push deep enough into the stretch to cause pain. These actions are counter productive and may actually cause tissue damage. Maintain the stretched position for 20 seconds or more, and then if you feel comfortable, you may move slightly deeper into the stretch. This form of stretching is called "Static Stretching".



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