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Two runnersAerobic Fitness

Your aerobic capacity is a description of your ability to generate energy in the body with the use of oxygen. For the most part, the more oxygen that you can use, the more work you can complete, the greater the rate at which you can perform, and the quicker you will recover from extreme efforts. By measuring your heart rate response during the three minute submaximal intensity stairmaster step-test we are able to estimate your aerobic capacity.

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Aerobic Fitness

To Improve Aerobic Capacity

To improve your cardiovascular fitness, aerobic capacity, and exercise/work endurance, you need to exercise at a level of intensity that elevates your heart rate to between 70%-85% of its maximum. This is commonly referred to as your “Target Heart Rate” or “Training Sensitive Zone”.

The best way to achieve and sustain an aerobic training level of intensity is to engage in a rhythmic and dynamic form of activity that recruits large muscle groups like those in the legs. Common types of aerobic exercise include; running, cycling, swimming, rowing, cross country skiing and blading. To obtain the greatest aerobic training benefits possible, you need to exercise within your training sensitive zone for at least 20 minutes, three or more times a week.

Exercising at lower intensities, and for shorter periods of time is still good, especially when you are just beginning. Exercising for prolonged duration at a level of intensity that leans towards the lower end of the target heart rate zone is particularly good for burning fat. Training for extended periods at the higher end of your target heart rate encourages the development of systems and tissues that retard the rate of fatigue by inhibiting the accumulation of lactic acid.

Further benefits from consistent aerobic training include; enhance body cooling, improved body composition and lipid profile, reduced potential for the development of atherosclerosis and certain forms of cancer, and a higher quality of life.



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