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Ladder 7

Horse Drawn Hook and Ladder. New York.
Ladder 7 responding, being led by a team of 3 horses. Chauffeur, Officer,
Tillerman and 3 members on running board are visible.

Horse Drawn Hook & Ladder. New York.
Ladder 7 hook & ladder and members in front of quarters.

Wallace, Bill. 1933 Walter 75' Wooden Aerial With Solid Tires. New York.
Pictured on water front with aerial raised. This rig was the first of its kind and went into service
as Ladder 7 on 7/26/33.

Lerch, Jack. 1936 Four Wheel Drive 85' Wooden Aerial. New York.
Clearly shows officer, chauffeur, tillerman and 2 members on running board.

1936 Four Wheel Drive 85' Wooden Aerial. New York.
Rig in street adjacent to 206 Lexington Ave. Appears to be at a working fire as line is charged in street.
Unidentified rig behind Ladder 7.
L7.5 .

1960 American LaFrance 100' Metal Aerial. New York.
Parked adjacent to waterfront.

Lerch, Jack. 75' Mack Tower Ladder. New York.
Rig parked at Fire Academy.

Lerch, Jack. 75' Seagrave Tower Ladder. New York.
Parked with tormentors down.

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