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Engine 65

Steamer With Three Horse Hitch. New York: FDNY.
Company is "Turning out" of quarters. Horses and steamer on apron. Chauffeur, officer, and members are visible along with the company mascot.

1927 Ahrens Fox Pumper. New York.
Rig is parked on display.

1927 Ahrens Fox Pumper. New York.
Rig appears to the right of photo. The apparatus is hooked up to a hydrant and is supplying several hoselines at Box 66-55-931, Mellish Warehouse Fire, 59th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues. Also in the picture is Engine 23's high cab, Spare Water Tower 6, and Water Tower 2. Water Tower's 3 and 10 was flattened by wall on 11th Avenue side of warehouse.

1936 Mack 1000 Gallon Pumper. New York.
Rig is parked in the street with the chauffeur and officer.

Lerch, Jack. 19?? Seagrave Pumper. New York.
Rig is parked at an unknown location.

1960. Engine 65 Member. New York: FDNY.
Member of Engine 65 administers oxygen to another member at the scene of subway fire at Park Avenue & 42nd Street. Looking on are a member of Rescue 1, a minister, and several civilians.

Biondi, J. 1966. Engine 65 Quarters. New York: FDNY.
Exterior view of Engine 65 quarters. One member is visible through the glass window in bay door. Rescue 1 was also quartered here at the time (12/23/66). The address of quarters is 33 West 43rd Street, Manhattan.

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