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Engine 14

Steamer. New York.
Members and steamer in front of quarters.

1869. Steamer & Tender. New York.
Steamer & Tender shown with members in Union Square.

Amoskeag Steamer. Photograph. New York.
Rig parked in street.

1913. 1st. Size 1905 Clapp & Jones Steamer. New York.
Horse drawn steamer in parade; chauffeur and member on back step.

1st. Size 1905 Clapp & Jones Steamer. New York.
Engine 14 steamer in parade. Chauffeur, one member visible on back step.
Tender appears to be following behind.

1907. 1st. Size 1905 Clapp & Jones Steamer. New York.
Steamer pumping, with charged hoseline from outlet. Civilians and police officer look on in this 1907 demonstration at Union Square.

1929 Seagrave Hose Wagon. New York. Appear to be responding through intersection of Broadway & W.22 St. Officer is ringing bell while member on back step is putting on boots. A water tower is visible in the background.

1933 ~ 1000 Gallon Seagrave Pumper. New York.
Chauffeur and officer boarding apparatus.

1933 ~ 1000 Gallon Seagrave Pumper. New York.
Deck gun used on second floor of fire building on West 20th. Street.
Engine 3 Ward hose wagon is in lower right hand side of photo.

1940. Member With Cellar Pipe. New York.
Member of engine 14 is visible holding cellar pipe at Box 66-22-558, 6th. Ave. & 14th. St.

1970. Member Aiding Civilian. New York: FDNY.
FF. Arthur Schilling, E.14 shown aiding a civilian at Box 66-22-358, 83 MacDougal Street.

Engine 14 Quarters. New York.
Engine 14 Firehouse.

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