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[Share]Published: October 31, 2013

Halloween Fire Safety

Happy Halloween New York

Happy Halloween New York

Happy Halloween New York! We hope you have a night filled with creepy, spooky, haunted fun, just be sure to stay safe with these simple tips:



Make sure they are:

- NEVER left unattended.

- Located at least four feet away from anything that could catch fire, like decorations or costumes.

- Out of reach of small children and pets.

- Use battery-operated candles in jack-o-lanterns.



- Wear flame retardant material.

- Outer garments should be decorated with reflective tape or markings.

- Avoid billowy costumes or anything involving a floppy hat or wig, due to fire hazards.

- To avoid trips and falls: Costumes should be the correct length; masks should have large openings for eyes, nose and mouth; avoid oversized shoes.

- Ensure all props, like swords and wands, are flexible and do not have sharp edges.

- Each child should carry a flashlight.

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