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[Share]Published: May 07, 2013

FDNY Officers Management Institute Graduation

Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano, Chief of Department Edward Kilduff and FOMI Faculty Director Joann Baney with the 2012-2013 program graduates.

Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano, Chief of Department Edward Kilduff and FOMI Faculty Director Joann Baney with the 2012-2013 program graduates.

The FDNY celebrated its rising leaders on May 7 at the FDNY Officers Management Institute (FOMI) graduation.

“We are the number one agency in the city because of the leadership we have in the field,” Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano said.

FOMI offers a customized curriculum of leadership and management training to fire and EMS members. It includes presentations by and discussions with experts from the corporate community, government and homeland security.

“The staff really tailors the classes to our needs,” said Chief of Department Edward Kilduff, a graduate of the very first FOMI class. “The things I learned through the program have paid off for many years.”

As part of their studies, the 16 graduates created projects that they believe will enhance the Department’s policy and strategy. This year’s projects included Promoting Inclusion, Community Outreach, Customer Service and Developing an Internship Program.*

“I see why you think this is the greatest job in the world,” said Joann Baney, FOMI Faculty Director. “Your character, talent and depth of who you are have been revealed through this program.”

FOMI is a six-month program offered through Columbia Business School, Executive Education. This is the 11th class to graduate from the program, which has trained more than 180 FDNY personnel.

It is funded by the FDNY Foundation and is taught at Jack Welch Executive Training Center in Crotonville, NY.

“The Department’s confidence in this program motivates us to think bigger and work harder,” Chief Michael McLaughlin said.

*The 2012-2013 FOMI projects focused on the following:
Promoting Inclusion at the Company Officer Level
The FDNY recently completed a recruitment campaign that resulted in a diverse, qualified pool of firefighter candidates.   The FOMI group will consider programs and procedures to foster an atmosphere of inclusion in the firehouse and give Company Officers tools and procedures to ensure a respectful and professional workplace while maintaining the positive elements of firehouse culture.  They will work closely with a multi-rank team designated by the Chief of Department.  They will also work with the Office of Recruitment and Diversity (ORD) to develop a firehouse-based program to familiarize candidates with the FDNY.

Increasing Community Engagement
The FDNY makes enormous contributions to the health and safety of New Yorkers.  In addition to response to fires and medical emergencies, the FDNY advances health and safety though inspections and a variety of community outreach program including Fire Safety Education, CPR Training and our work advancing building safety.  Through this project, the FOMI group will consider ways to market the “FDNY brand” to the public, politicians and employees, so that all constituencies have a better understanding of the Department’s varied services and how they help fulfill our mission.

Develop Recommendations and a Plan for Surveying Customer Satisfaction
The FDNY has devised a variety of measurement tools to quantify the effectiveness of its service to the public.  We use response times, numbers of inspections, number of lives saved and many more data sets to measure performance.  While the Department has made progress in obtaining information on customer satisfaction in a few areas, little reliable data is available to measure customer satisfaction in most functional areas of the FDNY.  We need to be able to answer the following questions:  How satisfied is the public -- our customers – with the service provided by the FDNY?  How can customer satisfaction be measured, and in turn, inform where improvements are needed?

Internship Program for Future Leaders
The FDNY is investing heavily in the training of senior uniformed leaders. The next progression in this investment is to identify future leaders at the Company Officer level (Captain) and provide them with an early career opportunity to understand how Headquarters works.  The objective is to broaden future leaders’ understanding of the roles and responsibilities of uniformed and civilian managers in the Department so that they are better prepared to key roles later in their careers.

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