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G-60 Torch use of Flammable Gases for Hot work Operations and F-60 Fire Guard for Torch Operations and Construction

The study materials include information taken from the New 2008 New York City Fire Code (FC) Chapter 26,35,38 and NFPA Standard 51B (2003 Edition).

Renewal and Update Requirements for the
Old torch related Certificate of Fitness tests


  • The old F-93/G-95 test is no longer available after May 31, 2011.
  • The new F-60 test replaces the old F-93 test and the new G-60 and G-61 replace the old G-95. These new tests became available on June 1, 2011.
    • G-60 covers general torch operations, except jewelry torch.
    • G-61 covers jewelry torch ONLY.
  • The following torch-related C of Fs are no longer renewable from July 1st, 2011:
    • Torch operations: G-95, G-33, G-38, G-39
    • Torch/construction site fire guard: F-93, F-29, F-30
  • All applicants who passed F-00 or Z-73 exams BEFORE June 1, 2011 can apply the old F-93 before it is expired. The F-00 or Z-73 applicants must submit the signed upgrade form (see below) certifying that have read the new F-60 study material.
  • All applicants who passed F-00 or Z-73 exams AFTER June 1, 2011 must pass additional F-60 or Z-75 test to be a Fire Guard for Construction Sites and Torch Operations.   
  • The new test study materials can be picked up at window 1 and the Greeters station at 9 Metro Tech Center and online at

For further questions, you can write to PUBCERT@FDNY.NYC.GOV or call 718-999-1988.


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