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Firefighter Exam Application Process

Every four to five years, the City offers the opportunity for members of the public to apply to become a New York City Firefighter.

When the filing period is open (currently it is closed), people who are interested and fulfill all the eligibility requirements can apply for the exam through DCAS. See the DCAS website for more details.

All applicants will receive an admission card in the mail from DCAS before the test date, providing details about when and where their exam will be.

The computer-based exam focuses on a number of topics that gauge an applicant's ability to learn and perform the duties of a firefighter, including reading comprehension, problem solving, spatial recognition and applying rules to general concepts. It does not require any pre-existing knowledge about firefighting or the Fire Department.

Based on an applicant's performance on the exam, his or her name will be put on a civil service list in list number order. Candidates then will be called to take the physical portion of the exam. The physical ability exam is a series of challenges designed to test ability in four categories of fitness that are crucial in firefighting.

Around that time, he/she also will undergo a medical and psychological evaluation, a drug screening and receive a background investigation. Eligibility requirements also will be checked at that time.

Candidates will be called based on list number and need for firefighters, which can take approximately two to four years.

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