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Qualify to take a promotional examination

Promotional opportunities abound for FDNY Paramedics and EMTs.

Those who have been appointed to permanent civil service can apply to take all Emergency Medical Service promotional exams, as well as the promotion to Firefighter exam.

Getting Permanent Civil Service Status as a Paramedic or EMT

A Paramedic or EMT must have permanent civil service status before he or she can file for the promotion to Firefighter examination. This means he or she must be appointed as a permanent civil service Paramedic or EMT from a civil service list resulting from an open-competitive filing period.

For information about how you can be appointed as a permanent civil service Paramedic or EMT, visit the Department of Citywide Administrative Services website at The FDNY will arrange for DCAS to periodically conduct open-competitive filing for Paramedic or EMT titles.

Paramedic Certification

FDNY EMTs are offered the unique opportunity to obtain Paramedic Certification through the FDNY's Medic Basic Course conducted by the EMS Academy at Fort Totten in Queens. This nine-month training educates our EMTs about all aspects of being Paramedics and Advanced Life Support providers, which is the highest level of pre-hospital care. The course includes training in anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology, as well as numerous critical lifesaving skills. Employees attaining Paramedic Certification are then eligible for civil service appointment to the title of Paramedic.

Promotion or Appointment to an EMS Officer

There are also opportunities to promote to EMS Lieutenant from the rank of Paramedic through civil service examination. Following that promotion and after a prescribed number of years of service, opportunities become available for appointment to EMS Captain, Deputy Chief, Division Chief, Deputy Assistant Chief, Assistant Chief, and the highest rank in the Bureau of EMS, Chief of EMS.

Promotion to Firefighter

FDNY members who are working as permanent civil service Paramedics and EMTs also have the opportunity to file the promotion to Firefighter examination during the filing period. Those who pass both the written and physical portions of the exam, as well as the medical and psychological assessments, will be placed on a promotion list. Members on the promotion to Firefighter list are called before the general open-competitive list. Qualification requirements may be found in the DCAS Notice of Examination and on the DCAS website under Archives-Open Competitive.

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