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How to become a FDNY Paramedic or EMT


duals seeking to serve in FDNY EMS should file for the Emergency Medical Specialist - Paramedic or Emergency Medical Specialist - EMT civil service exams through the Department of Administrative Services (DCAS) when the filing period is open. Individuals who pass this exam will be placed on a civil service list and can receive permanent civil service status with the Department. To learn more about these exams, please visit the DCAS website.

As job vacancies occur, candidates will be contacted to arrange for their physical agility test, medical evaluation, psychological assessment and background investigation.* Applicants on the civil service list will be called first, followed by those on the provisional list.

Those who pass all of the evaluations are qualified to enter the EMS Academy.

*In accordance with the regulations of Part 800 of the NYS Department of Health Code (10NYCRR800), ANY conviction for a misdemeanor or felony must be reviewed and cleared by the NYS Department of Health's Emergency Medical Service Bureau prior to submitting a request for employment consideration with FDNY. If you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction, you must contact the NYS Department of Health at (212) 268-6632. FDNY requires a NYS Department of Health clearance letter to be provided before your application will be accepted or considered. Do not register until you are able to present the clearance letter to the Department upon request.

Current Status of Paramedic and EMT Lists and Appointment

Training Orientation Program (EMS TOP Class)
Processing is ongoing for the next TOP class (evening).

All applicants are encouraged to file for open-competitive civil service examinations in the EMS-Paramedic and EMS-EMT titles.

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