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Certificate of Fitness


Effective February 1, 1999 applicants for standpipe and/or sprinkler exams must certify their knowledge and familiarity with the fire protection system they are going to supervise and maintain. In addition to submitting an official diagram (blueprint) of the fire protection (standpipe and/or sprinkler) system, applicant will be required to complete and notarize a Pre-application Questionnaire. Applicants should make sure that they are thoroughly familiar with their systems and their accessories. This questionnaire must be filled out at test taking time. Failure to complete this questionnaire may result in your being denied the exam.

If you need to be certified for any sprinkler or standpipe system before you are offered a job, you may take Generic Standpipe/Sprinkler Systems (Z-00). After passing this exam and submitting the required documentation for a specific system, you will be issued a certificate of fitness for that system. Please be aware that the submission of blueprints and the completion of the pre-application questionnaire still apply for the issuance of a Certificate under the provisions of Z-00.

Examination Z-00 includes questions dealing with the following systems:

  1. Dry Standpipe Systems
  2. Standpipe Systems with City Mains
  3. Yard Hydrant Systems
  4. Sprinkler Systems with City Mains
  5. Autodry Sprinkler Systems
  6. Standpipe Systems with Gravity Tanks
  7. Sprinkler Systems with Gravity Tanks
  8. Standpipe Systems with Fire Pumps and Gravity Tanks
  9. Standpipe Systems with Fire Pumps
  10. Standpipe Systems with Pressure Tanks
  11. Sprinkler Systems with Pressure Tanks
  12. Sprinkler Systems for Compactors

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