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Certificate of Fitness / Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ- Alternate Issuance Policy (AIP)

What is an AIP?
It is an Alternative Issuance Procedure by which individuals get certified by the FDNY without taking a written test in Brooklyn. This procedure is available for persons with special qualifications, education or training. Not all certificates of fitness (CoF) can be obtained through AIP.

What CoF's have AIP’s?
The complete list of all possible AIP can be obtained @
The list of available changes frequently so check for updates.

How do I apply for AIP?
There is no special application, but you must submit several documents in order to substantiate your qualifications to become a certificate of fitness holder. An application for AIP can only be submitted through the mail; walk-in applications for AIP will NOT be accepted.

What documents should I submit when applying for AIP?
Depending on the certificate that you are applying for, there may be specific documentation requirements, but in general you must submit all of these materials:

  • a notarized statement from your immediate supervisor
  • a notarized statement from the applicant himself/herself
  • one 2x2 color picture of the applicant
  • A-20 application form (completed)
  • Diplomas, Certificates, Licenses which relate to AIP
  • $25 application fee

All the specific documents and requirements needed are listed on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for each specific certificate of fitness that can be obtained through AIP.

What is a Memorandum of Understanding?
A memorandum of understanding is a list of all the requirements needed for each specific certificate. No two certificates have the same requirements, consequently there is a specific MOU for each certificate.

Where can I find the specific MOU for the certificate of fitness I am applying for?
You can visit our web site @ to obtain the specific Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the certificate of fitness that you want to apply for.

How much does it cost to submit my AIP?
It is $25.00 and non-refundable.

Does paying the fee guarantee my license?
No. The fee is used to review your application and determine whether you are qualified.

If I had failed the Computer Based Test for the requested AIP, can I apply for that certificate through AIP?
No. Applicants who failed the same test given via the Computer Based Test at 9 Metrotech Center are not eligible for an AIP.

If I’m missing some things to submit my AIP, can it still be processed?
No. If your application is incomplete, you will be found "Not Qualified", your incomplete application will be sent back to you. You must re-apply and include another $25.00


How long does it take to process?
It generally takes about a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks.

What if I need my AIP quickly?
Come to Brooklyn and take the Computer Based Test. If you pass it, you will receive it the same day.

Where do I mail my AIP application?
You must mail your application papers to:
Elsa Araya
Deputy Director of COF Unit
9 Metro Tech Center room
Brooklyn, NY 11201
AIP Applications

Further questions?
You can write to:

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