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Administrative Medals and Awards 2007



Bureau of Fire Investigation

Demonstrated excellence determining the cause and origin of a suspicious arson fire in Queens

On June 3, 2005, Fire Marshal Martin McHale was assigned to investigate a suspicious fire at 209-38 23rd Avenue, Queens. The fire was determined to be of incendiary origin. FM McHale discovered that gasoline was poured throughout the entrance area and up the stairs to the intended target’s door.

Realizing the seriousness of this incident, the Fire Marshal began a multi-layered investigation. He developed a motive for the fire, which included a lover’s triangle. The intended target of the fire was the “other woman.”

FM McHale conducted numerous interviews, developed confidential sources of information and analyzed various documents and records. His investigation concluded that the motive did center on a lover’s triangle and that a scorned woman hired a hit man who was promised $10,000 to kill the other woman.

In February 2006, FM McHale’s investigation led to the arrest and indictment of the suspect, who made admissions concerning her actions. FM McHale demonstrated teamwork and tenacity. Whether involved in conducting the physical examination of the fire scene, interviewing witnesses or analyzing documents, FM McHale proved his ability to be resourceful and work independently.

For his expertise and fine investigative work, FM Martin McHale is presented with the Commissioner Martin Scott Medal.


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