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Administrative Medals and Awards 2007




(Left to right, front row)
Gladys Bennette, FF Zackary Fletcher, Lieutenant Michael Lynch, Michele J. Maglione,
Captain Hector Tyler, FF John Rogers, EMT Kimberly Perez

(Middle row) FF Regina Wilson, FF Bernard Leich, EMT Lois Justry, Wadell English,
EMT Brandon Mahon, Erick Green, FF Chun Ko, FFWilliam Agosto, FF Carlos Howell

(Back row) FF Dasul Andrews, FF Shawn Smith, FF Sherman Smalls, FF Jason Pagan,
FF Corey Hannah, FF Troy Owens, FF Khalid Baylor, FF Kevin Simpkins, FF Elroy Deans,
FF Steven Ross

(Not pictured) Lieutenant Robert Crowe, Lieutenant Gregory McLetchie,
Lieutenant Francesca Smith, FF Tracy Lewis

Launched the most successful recruitment campaign--geared toward young men and women of diverse backgrounds--in the Departmentís history

In January 2006, the Office of Recruitment & Diversity launched the most successful recruitment campaign in the Department’s history. Building on previous achievements of the current administration, the Unit members conducted an unparalleled level of outreach, attending more than 2600 community-based events, compiling a data base of more than 55,000 individuals who had completed “expressions of interest” forms.

For the first time, the FDNY conducted an aggressive, branded mail and phone follow-up campaign to offer candidates guidance and support. The Unit members launched a satellite phone bank operation at the Fleet Services facility in Long Island City and placed thousands of names and phone numbers into FDNY’s data base. This coordinated mail and phone campaign allowed the Recruitment Team to make an additional 11 contacts with each individual in the data base.

The Recruitment staff expanded the FDNY Tutorial Program for the written exam to a seven week
session that was held in 21 locations throughout the five boroughs. FDNY’s phone bank pre-registered more than 8000 applicants for this Tutorial Program. Tutorial sessions were at capacity throughout the time that it ran.

These efforts led to the largest number of applicants of color in FDNY history and a more than 60 percent increase in female applicants. For these reasons, Michele Maglione and her recruitment staff are presented with The Leon Lowenstein Medal.


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