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Administrative Medals and Awards 2007



Bureau of Training

Improved training facilities at the FDNY Training Academy

Firefighter Walter “Wally” Blum, Building Coordinator at the Academy, is recognized today because of his creative talents and tireless efforts to improve the training facilities at the Fire Academy. His creativity, ingenuity and talents have beautified the Fire Academy with a welcoming landscape at the entrance to the Academy. He also designed and constructed an old-fashioned housewatch in the entranceway of Building #9 and transformed the office of the Probationary Firefighters’ School into a full façade of an FDNY firehouse. Firefighter Blum uncovered and restored many historical pieces that were in danger of being damaged. He used these pieces to add authenticity and dignity to the facilities mentioned above.

Other projects completed by Firefighter Blum have been more functional. These include the fabrication of the Personal Safety System training platforms, upgrades to the forcible entry and search areas and the fabrication of the functional skills training stations.

As the Building Coordinator, Firefighter Blum serves as the Bureau of Training liaison and advisor for all major construction projects at the Fire Academy. This involvement has extended to Building #14, the Subway Simulator Building and the main entrance area.

Currently, Firefighter Blum and his staff are involved in helping ensure that the addition to Building #1--the high-rise simulator--reflects the Academy’s design and architecture. His assistance in overseeing smaller construction projects, as well as general maintenance tasks, has proved invaluable.

Training at the Fire Academy has been greatly enhanced by the efforts of Firefighter Walter Blum. For this reason, he is presented with The Honorary Fire Officers Association Medal.


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