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Administrative Medals and Awards 2007



Lavonne Allen, Lei Tian, Regina Prokofyeva, Malgorzata Kapusta-Simak

Reduced pension case backlogs for line-of-duty, disabled Firefighters

Under Director Lei Tian’s leadership, the Board of Trustees Unit streamlined the work process as it pertains to pension cases for line-of-duty, disabled Firefighters.

By mid-2006, Ms. Tian and her staff resolved most of the backlogged cases dating from 2002 to 2005. They shortened the disability retirement application wait time from nine months to a most manageable four to seven weeks.

Their efforts greatly benefited both the Firefighters and the Fire Department. Disabled Firefighters and Officers now can retire and receive their pensions more quickly. Simultaneously, the Department can resolve the employment status of retiring members and more quickly fill the open slots left by their retirements.

Additionally, the members of the Board of Trustees Unit continue to help retired Firefighters process their World Trade Center applications. Despite an enormous 176 percent increase in the number of these applications, the Unit personnel continue to thoroughly prepare each case in an efficient manner.

For their valued contributions to streamlining this work process for pension cases of line-of-duty, disabled Firefighters, the above-listed members of the Board of Trustees Unit are presented with the George F. Mand Award.


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