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Administrative Medals and Awards 2007



Bureau of Communications/Fire Alarm Dispatch Unit

Advanced numerous critical projects and programs in the FDNY Bureau of Communications

During the past year, Daniel Nastro has been involved in a number of projects that have enhanced the Department’s communications. The following contributions are some of his most noteworthy:

  • Coordinated development of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) link of fireground radio traffic via Field Comm and Mobile Command Center vehicles to FDOC, enabling handie-talkie transmissions to be monitored at the Operations Center without the use of repeaters.
  • Established--in conjunction with Division 1-- mutual-aid communications procedures on the Port Authority PATH train system with the Jersey City Fire Department, following several drills in both Manhattan and Jersey City.
  • Coordinated installation of the Nationwide VHF tactical (VTAC) & UHF tactical (UTAC) Mutual Aid channels in various radios for use with surrounding fire departments for mutual-aid responses and operations.
  • Coordinated development of a communications training course for newly promoted Battalion Chiefs, Captains, designated Battalion Firefighters and Probationary Firefighters.
  • Proposed and developed a communications plan and equipment for the Incident Management Team so it can be self-contained with communications ability during the initial days of deployment.

Based on Mr. Nastro’s tireless efforts to improve fireground communications, he is presented with the Chief Thomas P. O’Brien Award.


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