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  1. Type the Account Number in the dialog box below.
  2. Click the "Submit" button.

Enter Account Number:

To access the Fire Alarms Project Information System (FAPIS), enter the Account No. in the box above and click on Submit. FAPIS will generate a single multi-page document displaying all current records associated with the account number i.e. Letter of Approval, Letter of Recommendation, Letter of Defect, Reconsiderations, and Violation Order in PDF format.

Enter 8-digit Account Number



If you view a message "No records were found for this account number" contact the Fire Alarm Inspection Unit community associate at (718) 999-5158 for clarification.

Please note the following:

  1. FAPIS is a long-term project that incorporates the following phases:
    Phase I. Effective immediately FAPIS will provide access to Reconsiderations with the update frequency - bimonthly.
    Phase II. FAPIS will provide access to Letters of Defects and Letters of Recommendations / Letters of Approval with the update frequency - once a week. Anticipated implementation date - Fall of 2015.
    Phase III. Final enhancement of FAPIS to incorporate all other documentation associated with construction projects - Spring of 2016.
  1. All above listed documents are public records. The account number is available on any document generated by our inspectors in the field. Your account number can be also obtained from the FAIU office by submitting form FA-19 available online.

The electronic records indicated above are subject to Article II - (201 - 208) “Internet Security and Privacy Act” as defined in the NYS Technology Law.

If the Letter of Approval has been issued then you will see the image of the Letter of Approval with the print date indicated at the right top corner. Having the print date and the account number, you will be able to obtain the original Letter of Approval in the "Public Records Room".

If you view a message "No records were found for this account number", then the Letter of Approval has not been released. Contact the customer service clerk at (718) 999- 5414 for clarification.

The unofficial copy of the Letter of Approval may be used for reference purposes only.


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