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FDNY Licensed Place of Public Assembly Permit Database

Last Permit Upload Date:  1/6/2016

Place of Assembly (PA) Permits are now available to print online from this FDNY web site, providing that any applicable invoice has been paid in full, and there are no outstanding associated violations. Permits will be available for printing within two weeks of payment receipt by FDNY. The eight digit FDNY Account Number is required in order to access your Place of Assembly Permit. Only the most recently issued permit will be available. You may contact the LPPA Unit if your permit is not available, or requires changes and/or updates @ (718) 999-2436 or email to  LPPA@FDNY.NYC.GOV.

The New York City Fire Code (FC105.3.5) requires that permits be posted in a conspicuous location on the premises at all times, and be readily available for inspection by any representative of the Department.

Thank you for your continued compliance with the Fire Code.


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  2. Click the "Submit" button.

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