Drive Electric NYC

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Green Ave, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Rich’s perspective on EVs changed the day he saw an electric roadster in Grand Central. Its looks and impressive specs made him realize that green cars can be cool.

Rich considers himself a car guy. He wants a good-looking car with lots of technology; the more speakers and gadgets, the better. Of course it also has to have enough pickup to merge onto the BQE. He doesn’t want to have to compromise his comfort or preferences. Before he saw the roadster he didn’t think an electric car could appeal to him.

Now he’s taking a second look at EVs. The new cars are full of technology, inside and out. He loves that the bulky heavy engine has been replaced by frictionless, quietly whirring motors. The computer screen that shows how much breaking the car recaptures as energy is addictive. Because the car always drives with its maximum power available it merges into city traffic without pause.

It doesn’t hurt that they cost less to fill up. He’s sick of high fuel prices. His car has a V8 engine and his wife has a V6, so each tank of gas can cost hundreds of dollars.

Because he and his wife both have cars, he is considering a full electric vehicle. The electric will work for daily driving, and they’ll use the gas vehicle for going out of town. So he’s almost ready to make the leap. He just has to find one with a chrome trim he likes.


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