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Long Island City, Queens
Lisa and Mark

This year Lisa and Mark are celebrating their 42nd anniversary. Their family includes two grown daughters and three grandchildren. Though their two Toyota Corollas are not members of the family they are fond of them, particularly for their dependability. As a sales representative, Mark puts lots of miles on his car. Because she’s retired, Lisa uses her car mostly to visit friends in her old neighborhood. The cars are “his” and “hers”, but they’re flexible about it. Sometimes he drives her car because of its better mileage.

Reliability is their number one issue when buying a car. Yet whereas before only reliability and price mattered, now the environment counts too. However, as practical New Yorkers they don’t want just a greenwashed car. It has to provide a meaningful environmental payoff. Mark isn’t wed to an electric drive.  He likes the potential of biofuels and hydrogen, but sees that EVs meet his needs today.

In terms of both reliability and cost, EVs appeal to him. He thinks that even though electric cars are newer than gas cars, they should be even more reliable. After all, they have fewer moving parts to break. They lack spark plugs, belts, or engine oil. Like hybrids, they also use their brake pads sparingly. While an EV can cost more upfront, the cost per mile can also be a lot lower. Certainly, the price of electricity prices has been more stable than the price of gas. Mark and Lisa are cautious early adopters. They bought iPhones early because they knew they’d take advantage of them. Now they are just as excited about electric cars as they were about their smart phones.


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