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Christina and her husband live in Manhattan. She is an event planner. She tries to help the environment when she can, recycling and traveling mostly by bike or subway.  She avoids using styrofoam for her events and buys organic food. One place where she’d like to reduce her carbon footprint is her car.

She and her husband have an almost new Volvo which they park in their building’s garage. They love the car’s sleekness and reliability. They had previously considered a hybrid, but at the time they weren’t as ecologically conscious. The cars weren’t proven yet and she had doubts because of the efficient cars released during the fuel crisis in the 70’s. She worried about buying a compromised eco-box.

However, while the vehicles have become better, Kevin and Christina have also become more environmental. They worry about the consequences of climate change and try to keep their carbon footprint in check. When it’s too miserable to bike they drive, but they try to use their car sparingly.

Now they not only wish they had gone hybrid, they’re considering taking it a step further and going electric. To them, an electric car helps make a big break from oil. An electric car lacks a tailpipe, and all the pollution that comes with it. Because New York has a pretty clean grid, it greatly reduces carbon emissions. Also, their opinion of green has changed. While they used to think that buying greener required big compromises, they’ve grown to like the design of their environmentally-designed products. They think of electric cars in the same way. They like the whiz-bang technology and not having to worry about oil changes. Christina worries a little bit about reliability, but less now then when she originally looked at a hybrid. Hybrids make her more comfortable going electric, since they proved to be just as reliable as time-tested conventional cars.


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