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Authors Virginia Kendall and T. Markus Funk discuss Child Exploitation and Trafficking: Examining the Global Challenges and U.S. Responses on International Women’s Day

Deputy Counsel Norma Abbene, Jennifer Raab,
Hon. Virginia Kendall, T. Markus Funk, Deputy
 Mayor Carol Robles-Román, Diana Taylor.

On March 8, 2012, the Mayor’s Office and Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College hosted the authors of Child Exploitation and Trafficking: Examining the Global Challenges and U.S. Responses.  Deputy Mayor Carol Robles-Román gave opening remarks about New York City’s anti-human trafficking efforts, and Deputy Counsel to the Mayor Norma Abbene introduced the authors to the capacity crowd. 

 “Having investigated and prosecuted these cases, and now sitting as a judge on these challenging issues, it became apparent to me that we needed to educate the public, the lawyers and the judges in order for all of us to make smart, informed decisions. This book grew out of that need, and we believe it is accessible to both the first-time reader and the seasoned practitioner,” said Judge Virginia Kendall.

“The Mayor’s Office has initiated several public/private initiatives to raise awareness and combat the global problem of child exploitation and trafficking. In 2010, the Mayor’s Office partnered with Grey New York to create the first of its kind, Let’s Call and End to Human Trafficking public awareness initiative, which now features multimedia content in 5 languages and was disseminated to communities around the city.  This book is a much-needed tool to further raise awareness and educate all of us about how to prevent human trafficking and prosecute offenders,” said Deputy Mayor Robles-Román.

"'Child Exploitation and Trafficking: Examining the Global Challenges and US Responses,' is a book of broad appeal that offers practical advice while sharing the wealth of experience that the authors have in prosecuting child exploitation and trafficking cases," said Norma Abbene, Deputy Counsel to the Mayor. “Because combating these crimes is a social justice issue that requires social action and social responsibility, the book calls for an interdisciplinary approach by policy makers, law enforcement, health and service providers, corporations and the media.  This coordinated approach is the most effective way to eradicate this serious human rights violation."

The Mayor's Office is leading the fight to end human trafficking in a variety of ways, including strategic community partnerships and the multimedia, multilingual public awareness initiative entitled: Let's Call an End to Human Trafficking. The City of New York serves as a nationwide model for engaging stakeholders and the general public to join the cause of eradicating this crime.

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