Contracting Opportunities - FAQ

How can I add my CBO to the distribution list to receive notification of RFP solicitations?
Register to receive notices or call 212-513-1820.

Has my CBO filled out all of the necessary forms to have our award processed?
Under the Procurement Policy Board Rules, the required paperwork that a CBO must submit includes VENDEX and Supply & Service Reports.

If your CBO has contracts with the City totaling $100,000 or more or is a sole source contract for $10,000 or more, click here.

Supply & Service Report - Department of Business Services, Division of Labor Service - Click here if your CBO employs more than 50 employees and the contract has a value of $50,000.

How can I report corruption about a City worker, another CBO, or my CBO?
Report to NYC Department of Investigations

How can I check the registration status of registration of my contract with DYCD?
Please contact the Contract Procurement Office  at 212-513-1820.

How can I view DYCD's current and previously issued RFPs?
View current and previous RFPs

Is my CBO required to attend a pre-solicitation conference to respond to a DYCD RFP?
Check the RFP to see if attendance is required. Generally, it is not but it is always recommended. Attendance allows the participants to have their questions answered about the RFP and to hear the questions of others and the answers to those inquiries. It helps the CBO to prepare a more competitive proposal.

If my CBO did not win the competition for a contract, can we find out why?
Yes, debriefings can be scheduled after awards for a given RFP are announced. The Contract Procurement's office will review your organization's proposal and indicate the components making up its final rating. It will review that rating in comparison to the winners of the competition. To schedule your organization's debriefing, call 212-676-0452.