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Cultivating Curiosity Summer 2016 (in PDF)
Technical Assistance provider Directory (in PDF)
Strong Directors, Skilled Staff: Guide to Using to the Core Competencies for Youth Work Professionals (in PDF)

Other Resources


Title Topic Category Document Type Release date
COMPASS DYCD Online Manual FY 2016 Reference Material Guide N/A

DYCD Online tutorials (YouTube link)

Tutorial Videos N/A N/A
Cultivating Curiosity Resource Guide 2015 (in PDF) Reference Material Guide N/A
Cultivating Curiosity Summer in the City 2015 - Overview & Pilot Descriptions (in PDF) Reference Material N/A

COMPASS Elementary and Middle School PQMT 2014 (MS Word)

Reference Material Guide N/A

Education Specialist Spotlight (in PDF)

Reference Material Guide N/A
NYSAN Guide to Afterschool Professional Development in New York State (TASC link) Afterschool N/A N/A
Family Development Training and Credentialing (FDC) Program Curriculum Overview (in PDF) College and Careers Guide N/A
NYC DYCD Case Management Toolkit (in PDF) Leadership + Management Guide N/A
Guidelines for Creating a Welcoming Environment
Leadership + Management Guide N/A
Youth leadership framework Guide N/A
Step-by-Step PIP Account_Activation_Guide - (April 2015) Guide N/A
Youth Work Professional Core Competencies - (June 2009) Guide N/A
Supervisor Core Competencies  - (June 2009) Guide N/A

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