Prequalification Process

Any organization applying to the New York City Council to receive discretionary funding totaling more than $10,000 must be Prequalified by the City agency that oversees the services for which the organization is requesting funding support.  Organizations that are prequalified for the correct City agencies do not need to reapply or recertify to remain prequalified.

List of Prequalification Clearances (in PDF)
If your organization is not on the List of Prequalification Clearances or is requesting funding that would fall under a different City agency, then your organization must complete a PQL Application.

PQL Application
Frequently Asked Questions and Instructions
If your organization has previously been Prequalified, your must return an original of this Certificate with your contract affirming that no material changes in programming or key staff have occurred since the last submission of the Prequalification/Recertification Application. If material changes in programming or key staff have occurred since the last submission, a full description of said changes must be attached and submitted with the Certificate.
PQL Certificate of No Change (in PDF

Helpful Links and Forms:
Prequalification for Discretionary Fiscal Conduits (in PDF)
NYC Nonprofit Assistance
City Council’s Funding Application
New York State Charities Bureau
Doing Business Data Form (in PDF)
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Certification (in PDF)
Certification of Exemption from NYS Charities Bureau Requirements (in PDF)

Any questions about Prequalification can be directed to