CAFD Payment Unit

DYCD utilizes a financial document called the Program Expenses Report Summary (PERS) to detail and track expenditures of funded CBO providers for goods and services. CBOs are required to list all expenses for program-related goods and services on the PERS form.

DYCD fiscal staff then evaluates the information detailed on the PERS form to determine whether the expenses submitted are appropriate for its contracted services, and are within the approved budget. From this evaluation, DYCD determines the amount of funds that it will reimburse the CBO for appropriate, contract-related expenses.

Current PERS Form:

Download PERS Form (in MS Excel)
Download PERS form Instructions (in PDF)

Fiscal Manual:

Download 2016 Fiscal Manual (in PDF)
Download FY16 Fiscal Manual: Summary of Changes (in PDF)
Download 2015 Fiscal Manual (in PDF)
Download Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Contract Budget and Fiscal Manual

Fiscal Agent-YMS Management Associates:

  Download YMS Fiscal Manual 2012 (in PDF)

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